Teaching Boys’ Ballet: 13 Ways to Attract and Engage Male Students

When it comes to building a dance studio that meets your goals, teaching boys ballet can be of great help. Whether you are looking for dance workshop ideas, or to support your regular cash flow, teaching boys can be very rewarding. Here's how to make it work.

Laying the Foundation for Saucha: Keeping Your Yoga Studio Clean

As a yoga studio owner, keeping your studio clean sets the stage for clients to experience Saucha niyama. It also helps your profit.

4 Free Pilates Marketing Ideas to Drum Up Clients

Marketing to increase your Pilates class attendance should be ingrained in everything you do. This approach is the best type of marketing, because it is true and natural... and it's free!

5 Reasons Aerial Instructors Should be Teaching More Workshops

Don't miss out on the many benefits hosting workshops provide you and your students. We tell you how and why to tap into the opportunity.

6 Ways to Increase Adult Dance Class Enrollment

Knowing how to increase membership can be tricky for those owning a dance studio. Here are 6 sure-fire ways to grow revenue by starting or expanding an adult dance program.

The Single Biggest Marketing Mistake of Yoga Studios and Gyms

There's no excuse for business owners skipping this most crucial marketing step. It won't cost you a dime, but the success of the rest of your marketing depends on it.

Resource Guide for Studios and Gyms: Chicago Edition

From getting new members to all the must-do business checks and balances, our curated list of resources will make you an expert how to grow or start a business in Chicago.

Add It Up Before Investing: 8 Gym Startup Costs

Here is what to consider when deciding how to open a health club on a budget, and the ongoing cost of owning a gym.

3 Financial Reports Gyms and Dance Schools Must Stay on Top Of

All small business owners need to understand the money their business has. It is easy enough to glean the most important information these 3 financial statements tell you, giving you the understanding of your money that you need.

11 Health/Fitness Expos and Conferences for Fitness Instructors in 2017

Fitness seminars, industry trends, all the latest products, and ways to meet others in the industry... 2017's best and brightest health/fitness expos.
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