Yoga Teacher Insurance

When you’re teaching yoga or managing a studio, you know how fun and beneficial the practice can be. If you’ve been doing it for a length of time, however, you also understand the risks that are involved. A participant may not disclose existing health conditions, for example, and push themselves beyond capacity, causing injury. Someone could steal from your studio or damage equipment. You could be sued.

Having yoga instructor liability insurance is a way to protect yourself and your students in the event of physical harm or facility damage. At Dance Studio Insurance, our yoga teacher insurance covers a wide variety of yoga styles, including prenatal yoga.

Aerial Yoga is not included here. See our Aerial Instructor Insurance.

What kind of insurance do instructors need?

Yoga teacher liability insurance for instructors will protect you in the event you are sued because of injury or death of a participant, spectator, or volunteer.

Additionally, some teachers add on Sexual Abuse and Molestation coverage because they are concerned about accusations due to the nature of the teacher-student relations or contact.

At Dance Studio Insurance, we provide various coverage plans to fit your needs as an instructor — priced affordably and tailored to you. Talk to us about your work as a yoga teacher, and we’ll help you find the right coverage to protect you from known and unknown risks. We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity; let us give you the peace of mind that comes from the most comprehensive insurance coverage! It’s easy to apply for our plans online, and you can receive a certificate of insurance immediately.


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Insurance Coverage Options and How to Apply

We offer two different programs for yoga instructor insurance to meet your specific needs.

Both programs can cover either certified or non-certified yoga instructors.


Program A

Program A will be best for you if you meet either of the following criteria:

  • If you teach activities in both of these categories: Dance/Yoga/Aerobics and 
    Exercise/Fitness/Personal Training/Zumba
  • You need a higher aggregate limit than $1M. Check your contract for any such requirements.
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Program B

You’ll need Program B if you meet any of these criteria:

  • You need coverage outside of U.S. This applies if you teach on a cruise ship or otherwise conduct classes outside the U.S. You must have a permanent residence in U.S. to qualify.
  • You need a higher per-occurrence limit than $1M. Check your contract with the facility you are teaching at to see if they require a higher per-occurrence limit.
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Unsure which yoga liability insurance program is best for you? Get quotes for both, if you like, so you can compare quotes and coverages. We also offer plans specifically for studios, so if you’re looking to safeguard your facility as an owner or manager, this could be the right option for you.

Choose Dance Studio Insurance for Coverage

Committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, Dance Studio Insurance provides expert specialty insurance products and services. In order to support yoga teachers and studio owners/managers, we’re proud to offer the most comprehensive insurance policies. Now, you can choose your level of protection, add specific types of coverage, and gain some control over your price and risk. Come to us when you want easy and affordable insurance options for your business!

Can I get an inexpensive policy?

Policies start at $125 for certified yoga instructors and $150 for non-certified instructors.

Common Questions

Q: I teach out of my house. Does my insurance cover me there?
No. Our insurance plans for a yoga teacher are specifically designed to protect you as a fitness professional in an off-site location, whether that’s a local studio or an international cruise ship. When teaching at your home, on the other hand, you are responsible for the venue in addition to your instruction, so you would need Yoga Studio Insurance.

Q: If I send a substitute to teach my class, is he or she covered under this insurance?
A: No, this insurance plan does not cover other individuals who teach in your place. When you use a substitute, he or she would need to get their own insurance policy; this liability insurance for yoga instructors only covers you.

Q: If I have an assistant or partner I teach classes with, is he or she covered under my policy?
A: No, this insurance only covers you, even if you have a regular partner in teaching. The assistant or partner would also need his or her own policy.

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