Our yoga teachers’ insurance covers a wide variety of yoga styles, including prenatal yoga.

Aerial Yoga is not included here. See our Aerial Instructor Insurance.

What kind of insurance do instructors need?

Liability insurance for yoga instructors will protect you in the event you are sued because of injury or death of a participant, spectator, or volunteer.

Additionally, some teachers add on Sexual Abuse and Molestation coverage because they are concerned about accusations due to the nature of the teacher-student relations or contact.

How do I apply?

We offer two different programs for yoga teachers’ insurance to meet your specific needs.

Both programs can cover either certified or non-certified yoga instructors.

Program A

Program A will be best for you if you meet either of the following criteria:

  • If you teach activities in both of these categories: Dance/Yoga/Aerobics and Exercise/Fitness/Personal Training/Zumba
  • You need a higher aggregate limit than $1M. Check your contract for any such requirements.

Program B

You’ll need Program B if you meet any of these criteria:

  • You need coverage outside of U.S. This applies if you teach on a cruise ship or otherwise conduct classes outside the U.S. You must have a permanent residence in U.S. to qualify.
  • You need a higher per-occurrence limit than $1M. Check your contract with the facility you are teaching at to see if they require a higher per-occurrence limit.

Unsure which program is best for you? Get quotes for both, if you like, so you can compare quotes and coverages.

Get Started

Can I get an inexpensive policy?

Policies start at $125 for certified yoga instructors and $150 for non-certified instructors.

Common Questions

Q: I teach out of my house. Does my insurance cover me there?
A: No. Because you are responsible for the venue for classes you teach out of your house, you would need Yoga Studio Insurance.

Q: If I send a substitute to teach my class, is he or she covered under this insurance?
A: No, he or she would need to get their own insurance policy, as this liability insurance for yoga instructors only covers you.

Q: If I have an assistant or partner I teach classes with, is he or she covered under my policy?
A: No, this insurance only covers you. The assistant or partner would need his or her own policy.