Aerial Arts Insurance and Safety

Our Aerial Arts insurance program is for studios needing aerial yoga insurance, aerial dance insurance, or other aerial arts insurance. Prevention is key, especially in aerial workout studios. Make sure you have a clear, effective waiver or release form that lists the inherent risks of the activity, and is written in unambiguous language. You can also reduce risk of injury by incorporating safety into the practices of each of your teachers.

We are proud that Aerial Arts insurance is one of our most popular insurance programs, because it is comprehensive, and most yoga, dance, or fitness coverage out there doesn’t compare. If you are wondering if you should offer Aerial classes, we wrote an article on how aerial workouts can benefit your studio.

To qualify for coverage, your students can be in the hammock or silk equipment at 10 feet above ground or lower.  The rigging of the equipment can be higher than 10 feet, but no one can go more than 10 feet off the ground while in the aerial equipment.

Aerial Yoga Insurance

Our most common type of studio purchasing this insurance is those looking for aerial yoga insurance. We offer one of the best programs among the very few out there.

Aerial Dance Insurance

If your dance studio offers classes doing any type of aerial movement, then this is the insurance you will need. It covers your regular dance classes, as well as those incorporating aerial arts.

Cost and Logistics

Premium rates will vary based on number of students, desired coverage limits, state/location, etc.

You can apply online below, and feel free to call us with any questions at 877-811-2271. Be prepared to upload pictures of your aerial equipment.

If you are a sole instructor, rather than a studio owner, visit our liability insurance for aerial yoga instructors.

Common Questions

Q: Do you cover off-site aerial activities?
A: Sometimes… each case is different. This has to be reviewed in order to be considered, and prior to being quoted. Call us with questions, or go straight to fill out the application.

Q: Are there types of aerial equipment you don’t cover?
A: Most is covered. However, usually coverage for static trapezes gets declined.

Q: Why would I need equipment/property insurance (i.e., “Inland Marine”) for my yoga studio?
A: The liability portion of the base coverage includes property damage to other parties. E.g., rented recital space, or a neighboring tenant. It does not include your own property within the walls of your space. Not your mirrors or floor, etc. That’s why owners add on “inland marine” when they can.