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There’s nothing like the exhilarating feeling of aerial yoga, both a fun activity and a full-body workout. As an instructor, though, the pleasure of the aerial environment doesn’t come without some level of risk and liability. That’s exactly why you need aerial yoga instructor insurance — to protect both you and your participants.

If someone were to be injured at the studio during a session or if the facility sustained some kind of damage, you’d want to be covered. Likewise, if a student decided to file a claim, you would need someone to have your back. Through quality aerial instructor insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you and your practice are secure.

Aerial Yoga Instructors

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What Coverage Is Included?

At Dance Studio Insurance, we offer comprehensive, inexpensive liability insurance for aerial yoga instructors and other aerial instructors. This aerial instructor insurance program is designed to cover the liability involved in training and instruction only; it does not cover aerial performers nor performances. In order to get approved, your aerial equipment cannot hold students higher than 12 feet off the ground.

As an instructor, the facilities you work at may require you add them as an Additional Insured on your policy. You can add Additional Insureds to your policy at no extra charge. We also offer an aerial yoga insurance plan specifically geared toward studios, providing one of the best protection programs in the marketplace. Premium rates vary based on the number of students, desired coverage limits, location, and so on.

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Committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, Dance Studio Insurance is the place to go for aerial instructor insurance. Our policies make it easy and affordable to get the comprehensive coverage you need, and they’re specifically designed for professionals who instruct at studios or gyms. If you’ve been looking for a way to protect your location, your instructors, your participants, and/or yourself, come to us.

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How to Apply

All instructors who offer aerial must be quoted internally prior to purchasing coverage
Fill out an application by clicking "Apply Now"
Upload copies of training certificates and waivers (if any)
Additional insured certificates can be added at any time during the policy period
After the application is submitted, a quote will be released and returned to you to review
If not ready to purchase, quotes can be saved for 30 days.

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Common Questions

Q: Does this insurance cover me if I teach out of my home?
A: No, for classes taught out of your home, you need an Aerial Yoga Studio insurance policy .

Q: Are there limitations on the types of equipment the insurance covers?
A: Yes, static trapeze and mobile rig setups are not covered without prior approval.