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Many gyms or fitness facilities require you to provide your own insurance before you are able to instruct classes at their facility. Check your contract if you aren’t sure.

Insured fitness professionals who are not required by others to get group exercise instructor insurance choose to do so in order to protect themselves  against injured students who sue, or whose medical insurance company sues, you to cover medical expenses.

You can be exposed to lawsuit even years after an injury has occurred. Make sure you take the necessary steps to protect your career as a Group Fitness Instructor by investing in a group fitness instructor liability insurance policy.


The average cost of group fitness insurance for instructors begins around $125 per year. Non-certified rates are a bit higher. Buying from Dance Studio Insurance means you’re getting your policy from a company committed to the industry’s highest standards of ethics and integrity. We are passionate about providing comprehensive insurance solutions to customers, so you’re protected from known and unknown risks that could arise while instructing students.

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Applying for Coverage

We offer two programs of liability insurance for group fitness instructors. Finding out which will be best for you is easy, and described below.

Program A

If any of the following apply to you, you should apply for Program A.

  1. You need an aggregate limit that is higher than $1,000,000. Check your contract for requirements.
  2. You teach multiple modalities and need insurance for more than one type of instruction. For example you teach dance, yoga, and you are a personal trainer
  3. You teach pole or aerial fitness.

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Program B

If either of the following characteristics apply to you, Program B is what you need.

  1. You need coverage outside of U.S., such as if you teach on a cruise ship or otherwise conduct classes outside the U.S. (Note this is for those who have permanent residence in U.S.)
  2. You need a higher than $1,000,000 per-occurrence limit, either because you prefer it, or because your contract requires it.

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Common Questions

Q: I teach some classes out of my home. Are those covered?
A: No. Group exercise insurance carriers would then consider your home a studio, thus requiring you purchase Fitness Studio coverage.

Q: Is anyone else covered under my policy, such as a partner, helper, or substitute?
A: No. The helper or substitute would need to either have his or her own policy, or be covered under the studio’s policy where the class takes place. If you have a partner, each of you need or own insurance policy.

Q: Does certification affect my ability to get coverage, or my premium?
A: Both certified and non-certified instructors are eligible for coverage under both group fitness instructor insurance programs. Many of the available certifications make you eligible for a premium discount. Email, fax, or mail us a copy of your certificate, and we will see if the carrier will approve it for the certified rate.