Dance Instructor Insurance

When you’re teaching in the studio, it’s hard to think about much else. Here’s a reality you cannot afford to ignore: There’s always potential for injury, especially in an activity such as dance. No matter how long you’ve been instructing or how great your relationship with participants, you don’t want to be the one who is liable when someone gets hurt. Without insurance, you could be.

That’s exactly why you need dance instructor insurance — to protect yourself in the case of a lawsuit or other injury-related issue. Whether through dance fitness instructor insurance or pole dance instructor insurance, having protection against liabilities gives peace of mind, knowing you’re covered for whatever accidents or injuries occur while teaching.

If you are an individual who supervises or teaches classes engaging in dance activities, but are not an employee, an insurance policy is a necessity. If, on the other hand, you operate your own studio, or lease space for your dance program, you will need Dance Studio Insurance.

Keep in mind, while most dance activities are covered in a dance instructor liability insurance policy, Aerial dance instruction is not. You can get coverage for Aerial dance under the Aerial Instructor Insurance program. 

Pole Dance Instructors insurance is available by clicking here.

What Is Covered by Freelance Dance Teacher Insurance?

The base public liability insurance for dance teachers includes liability coverage, which protects you in the event: 

  • Of damage to the property you rent, or someone else’s property (not your own).
  • Of lawsuit arising from injury or death of participants, spectators, or volunteers.
  • That someone deems you negligent in your advice or instruction.

Optional Coverage Add-ons

Facilities yo work for may require you to name them on your policy as Additional Insured. You can add Additional Insured certificates at no charge.

Other optional coverages include worldwide coverage and increased aggregate limits. 

How Does Coverage Work? 

If one of your students was injured in class and files a lawsuit against you, the insurance protects you by covering all eligible claims. Exclusions (ineligible claims) apply to situations outside normal dance activities, and you will see them detailed on the application. 


Coverage begins at $125 – $135 for certified dance instructors, and $165 – $179 for non-certified dance instructors. 

Why Choose Dance Studio Insurance? 

The fact is, as a dance instructor, your protection is too important to entrust to just any insurance company. Dance Studio Insurance is committed to offering the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the industry — with the highest degree of integrity, service, and commitment.

When getting a policy with us, you have confidence that you’re shielded from known and unknown risks as a dance teacher. More than that, we make our policies affordable and convenient. Get a quote, apply, and buy easily online. You can receive your certificate of insurance right away. Financing is also available.


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How To Apply

Fill out application to receive quote
Submit payment online with credit/debit card or checking account
Policy documents will be automatically issued and available to download upon purchase
Additional Insured Certificates can be created at any time during policy period for no charge
If not ready to purchase, make note of your quote number to access it at a later time.

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Common Questions

I will be traveling overseas to teach. Will my insurance cover me?
Your coverage will follow wherever you go within the U.S. and U.S. Territories, and you have the option to add back worldwide coverage! Claims or lawsuits against you will need to be brought into the U.S. in order to be submitted.

Does the Dance Teacher insurance cover me if I teach out of my house?
No. For classes you teach out of your house, you’ll need to be covered under the Dance Studio insurance program.

Will this insurance cover my partner, helper, or substitute?
No. This policy only will cover you, and they will need to get their own policy.