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If you’re running a professional Zumba class, one issue you should consider is liability. Have you ever wondered what would happen if one of your participants was injured? Alternatively, if you’re a contracting instructor at a studio, do you know what to do if the facility is damaged during a Zumba session? These questions demonstrate exactly why Zumba liability insurance is so important.

Dance Studio Insurance offers Zumba insurance for teachers and supervisors of Zumba activities. This insurance is able to provide the protection you need for unexpected damages or injuries that might occur on your watch. If a participant is hurt and needs medical attention or therapy, you would have some security in place to help with those costs if you were sued. 

As a company committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, Dance Studio Insurance is proud to offer the most comprehensive insurance plans possible. To qualify for Zumba coverage, you must be over 18 years of age, and based in the U.S. Get a quote today! 

What Zumba insurance coverage do I need?

All Zumba instructors need Zumba liability insurance. This means that the insurance will pay for qualifying claims when a student/participant injures him/herself.

The insurance policy of the studios you teach at may cover contractors on 1099s. Check with your studio to see if you are covered under their policy. 

Sometimes your agreement with the facilities you work for will specify coverage limits they require. Higher liability limits are available. 

Some instructors purchase optional Sexual Abuse and Molestation coverage because they are concerned about accusations due to the nature of the teacher-participant relations or contact. 

How much does it cost?

At Dance Studio Insurance, we offer inexpensive Zumba instructor insurance. Policies have no deductible, so even claims are affordable. Our Liability coverage is comprehensive, and we offer add-ons to tailor policy costs to your needs.

When you apply: 

On the first page of the application, you will be asked what type of instructor you are. Choose Exercise & Fitness/Personal Trainingnot Dance/Yoga/Aerobics.

Also, the application will ask you if you are certified, and what your certification number is. Since Zumba Instructor certification is via a license, there is no number associated. So, when prompted to enter your certification number, simply enter 12345.


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How to Apply

Fill out application to receive quote
Submit payment online with credit/debit card or checking account
Policy documents will be automatically issued and available to download upon purchase
Additional Insured Certificates can be created at any time during policy period for no charge
If not ready to purchase, make note of your quote number to access it at a later time.

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Common Questions

Q: If I teach Zumba dance classes out of my house, will those classes be covered under this insurance?
A: No. The insurance you would need for those classes is the Dance Studio Insurance (link to Dance Studio Insurance page).

Q: If I have a substitute/partner/helper, will this policy cover them too?
A: No. They will need to purchase their own Zumba Instructor Insurance.