Dance Studio Insurance

Running a dance studio brings with it many joys, hopefully profitability, but also risks that could threaten your business’s (and likely your) financial health. Comprehensive dance studio insurance mitigates those risks. It includes both dance studio liability insurance and accident coverage. We offer dance class insurance for traditional dance studios teaching rhythm dance and smooth dance, including businesses that focus on ballet, ballroom, hip-hop, tap, and jazz dancing. But our insurance policies also cover these non-traditional dance activities and studios: 

  • Mobile or partially-mobile studios
  • Studios that are primarily for dance but also offer cheerleading classes and non-competitive cheer activities
  • Zumba Studios and classes 

What IS NOT Covered

Note that our insurance policy only covers dance studios and schools, w-2 employees and volunteer staff members — independent contractor instructors are not covered. That said, independent contractor instructors, pole dancing instructors, and aerial dance studios/instructors can find applicable coverage through the following links or can be added to the policy for an additional premium:

  • Instructors working for others' studios, visit our dance instructor insurance page.
  • Pole Dance Studios / Pole Fitness Studios, click here: Fitness/Pole Dance Studio Insurance.
  • For Property coverage: Programs A and B below are for studio Accident and Liability coverage, and have the option to add Equipment coverage. If you already have Accident and Liability insurance and only want Equipment coverage, you can get Equipment coverage here.
  • For studios incorporating aerial dance, you will need our purchase coverage in Program A (Aerial Dance Insurance).

Insurance Costs for Dance Studios

Policies offering the insurance needed for a dance studio start around $475 -$500. The cost varies based on several factors including state, number of participants, and additional options you might choose. To get a better estimate of the cost for your studio, contact us for a quote.


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Two Options for Dance Studio Insurance Coverage

We now offer two options for dance insurance for your studio or school.

Below are two applications for your dance school insurance. Read to figure out if you will be better off with Program A or Program B. If Programs A and B both seem to apply to you, you can fill out both forms to see which program gives you the best rate. They have the same coverages, although the limits vary. Check your lease to see if you have limit requirements.

Program A

This is the best application for you if any of the following apply:
  • You offer non-competitive cheer activities
  • You are a Pole Dancing, Pole Fitness Studio or offer Aerial Dance
  • Your studio is mobile or partially mobile
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Program B

This is the best program for you if:
  • You'd like to include coverage for birthday parties, camps, or clinics
  • You want affordable sexual abuse and molestation coverage
  • Need to include coverage for contents and equipment with water/flood coverage (Program A excludes water/flood damage in all states except CA).
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Abuse and Molestation coverage provides protection for allegations of sexual abuse and molestation. The insurance covers judgments and expenses to investigate and defend an allegation of abuse. Note that judgment and defense costs reduce the available limit. (Available Limit: $100,000)

If the following applies to you, it is a good idea to add Sexual Abuse and Molestation coverage: 

  • Organizations you affiliate with require it.
  • There are close relations between students and teachers, and you don’t want to be at risk if someone decides to sue

In order to qualify for this uniquely inexpensive SA & M coverage, you must have the following in place: 

  • Background checks. These are inexpensive and easy to do, and fingerprints are NOT required. Any third party background check vendor is acceptable. There are many options online; just do a Google search.
  • Written procedures for dealing with abuse.
  • Staff (paid and volunteer) employment application includes questions as to whether the individual has ever been convicted of any crime, including sex-related or child abuse related offenses.
  • Routine background checks on all employees and volunteers working with youth.
  • Procedures to prevent situations where participants are alone with an individual staff member.
  • You’ve never had an incident which resulted in an allegation of sexual abuse.

If you do not meet these requirements, you can still get sexual abuse and molestation coverage under Program A above, but the cost is several times higher.

Apply for Both

If none of the above criteria are specific to you, you qualify for both programs we offer. We suggest applying to both to get the best rate. Several variables impact which will be cheaper, such as number of students, student age range, and the state you are in. Each application takes about 10 minutes to fill out. Quotes will be available online and can be saved for 30 days.

Common Questions

Q: How much coverage do I need?

A: Legally we cannot say what you should and shouldn’t carry. Check your lease, sometimes they have a requirement. Studios have the option to get from a $1M and $5M aggregate limit. Some studios are more risk-averse than others. This is for your protection and peace of mind, so use what you feel best about.

Q: Do I need additional coverage for equipment & property?

A: Many business owners don’t realize that the base Property Damage Liability coverage only protects you against claims third-party property damage. Examples include a venue you rent for a recital, or the property of a neighboring tenant. The equipment and property add-on coverage, also known as “Inland Marine” coverage, covers you for damage to your property inside the walls of your rented space. Example claims would be for the floors, wall mirrors, lighting, or equipment.

Q: How can I add Independent Contractors to be covered under my dance insurance?

A: Independent Contractors (on 1099s) can be added to either policy for an additional premium.

For Program A, add them right in the application.

If you go with Program B, you cannot add them on the application, but after you purchase the insurance, email Provide the number of Independent Contractors you need covered, and we will send you a quote. Cost for this coverage is based on the number of independent contractors you add, and starts at $50.

Q: What is an Additional Insured?

A: An additional insured is a third-party entity that obtains protection through your policy for any negligent acts that arise while you are operating on their premise. For example, if you are working as a studio, and leasing your space from a landlord, chances are, you are not covered under the landlord’s insurance policy. If someone was to get injured and sue, they will most likely name as many people or entities as possible in the lawsuit. So they will probably name you (the studio) and Landlord / Property Owners in the suit. If you named the Landlord as an Additional Insured, the property will be protected under this policy for any claims arising from the studio’s negligence.