Pilates Studios

Pilates studios offering Pilates mat or reformer classes and training can apply for coverage below.

Pilates Insurance Coverage

Accident Medical coverage helps pay the medical bills of an injured participant after his or her health insurance pays out. This is designed to help protect the studio owner from being sued. An injured person is much more likely to sue if they cannot pay medical balances remaining after health insurance. This Pilates insurance coverage is also crucial if the injured person does not have medical insurance.

General Liability protects you and your studio in the event of a lawsuit against your studio for bodily injury and/or property damage and the litigation costs to defend such claims. This portion of Pilates studio liability insurance covers owners, directors, employees, and volunteers.

A note on property coverage: the general liability policy covers negligence in damaging someone else’s property. Any damage to your business personal property would not be covered under the Pilates liability insurance policy. For example, if the studio’s equipment and contents were damaged in a fire, you would need to have coverage for the studio’s equipment and contents in place if you want the insurance to cover the value. This optional add-on is known as Inland Marine Coverage. You will have the option to add this right in the Pilates studio insurance application.

Applying is Simple

  • Read below to determine if application A or B will be more cost-effective for you.
  • Use the Program A or Program B button below to apply.
  • Call us with any questions, at 877-811-2271.
  • Submit payment online.
  • The policy will be issued immediately and available to view, print, and/or download.

Program A

This program is best Pilates insurance for you if you have any of these characteristics:

  • Less than 3 yrs’ experience owning a studio
  • You want Accident Medical coverage (Accidental Medical Coverage is a supplemental policy that enables you to offer to pay for a student’s medical bills. This will lower the likelihood of that student suing you.)

Program B

This is the best program if you:

  • Have a minimum 3 years’ experience managing a Pilates facility
  • Offer indoor Tanning (limitations apply)
  • Allow unsupervised/individual work outs (but gross sales must be primarily from instructor-led group glasses such as yoga/Pilates/aerobics)
  • Want affordable sexual abuse and molestation coverage
Get Started


The majority of our Pilates studio insurance premiums start at $475 per year. It is free to get an online quote. Premiums vary based on location, coverage limits selected, and number of members/clients. We suggest filling out the online applications to get a quote tailored to your studio.

Common Questions

Q: As a studio owner, am I covered if I teach off-site at another studio?
A: No. If you teach independent of the studio at another location, your studio policy will not cover you.

Q: Is coverage included for independent contractors?
A: Not with the basic coverage, but you have the option to add independent contractors for an additional premium. You can add independent contractors to Program A when you apply, and to both Programs anytime after you’ve purchased the insurance. Coverage for independent contractors is non-transferable. That means if the contractor you paid for left after a short period of time, and you hire a new independent contractor, an additional premium will be due to cover the new independent contractor. Independent contractor premiums cannot be pro-rated or refunded.

If you purchase insurance under Program A, you can add the name and mailing address for each independent contractor when you apply. Do not use the address for the studio for that.

If you use Program B, email caitlyn@dancestudioinsurance.com anytime after you’ve purchased your insurance, and tell us how many independent contractors you want to cover. We will respond with a quote. The additional premium is based on a percentage of your Liability premium, and starts at $50.

To find answers to other common questions, view our FAQs. Get the best Pilates insurance from Dance Studio Insurance by contacting us today.