Resource Guide for Studios and Gyms: Chicago Edition

From getting new members to all the must-do business checks and balances, our curated list of resources will make you an expert how to grow or start a business in Chicago.

Add It Up Before Investing: 8 Gym Startup Costs

Here is what to consider when deciding how to open a health club on a budget, and the ongoing cost of owning a gym.

3 Financial Reports Gyms and Dance Schools Must Stay on Top Of

All small business owners need to understand the money their business has. It is easy enough to glean the most important information these 3 financial statements tell you, giving you the understanding of your money that you need.

11 Health/Fitness Expos and Conferences for Fitness Instructors in 2017

Fitness seminars, industry trends, all the latest products, and ways to meet others in the industry... 2017's best and brightest health/fitness expos.

2017 Yoga and Pilates Conferences and Workshops for Teachers

We've compiled a list of top and new conferences/festivals/expos for yoga and Pilates teacher development in 2017.

How to Bring your Best Gym Grand Opening Ideas to Life

If your gym opening is on the horizon, or you've been open a few months, don't delay in planning a super-effective grand opening. We offer structure to bring your vision to life effectively.

How to Open a Health Club: Four Tips to Getting Started

We give tips on choosing the type of health club you will open, location, legal considerations, gym startup costs, as well as ongoing cost of owning a gym.

Making Sure the Price is Right: Setting Gymnastic Class Tuition

Not sure if you are charging the right tuition for your bottom line? We help you understand when you can charge more than the competition, what factors justify higher tuition, and how to increase profit without increasing prices.

Opening up a Retail Store: Checklist for Studio Owners

For fitness and dance studio owners opening up a retail store: a checklist of necessities for deciding if a store is for you, or getting the store set up for success.

Five Qualities of Extraordinary Dance Teachers

How patient are you? Are you constantly challenging yourself with new learning? There are qualities of a good dance teacher, and then there are qualities of extraordinary ones. Be extraordinary.