How to Market a Dance Studio or Instructor with DIY Video

Looking for cost-effective dance studio advertising ideas? These marketing video DIY instructions tell you how to create create videos for your business, where to cut costs and where not to, and where to post them.

The 4 Best Competition Names for Dance Teams

Nailing names for competition dance teams can be tough, especially when you are naming your own. Learn from these four dance crews how to choose a great name, and rock it.

Teaching Pilates to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

Pelvic floor issues are quite prevalent in both men and women. Pilates, and the associated Pfilates, are aimed at the muscles in and affecting the pelvic floor. Learn how to teach specific exercises for this problem.

Teaching Pilates for Back Care

Pilates students are always looking for exercises to strengthen lower back muscles. Teaching Pilates for back care can be a great opportunity if you know what to consider and watch out for.

Student Learning Styles and Their Implications for Teaching Dance

There are several different learning styles theories, but we outline Gardner's 7 "multiple intelligences", and offer dance teaching strategies for the different learning styles.

Three Tools to Streamline Managing a Dance Studio

Make running your dance school business or member-based studio easier and more effective with these 3 modern tools: dance studio management software, internal communications app, and member communications functionality.

Four Habits for Great Performance Quality in Dance

Great performance quality in dance depends on the performer's health in eating and fitness, confidence, and facial expressions while dancing.

A Guide to Success as a New Professional Dance Teacher

Now it's time to apply your training to teaching a dance class effectively and confidently. We outline how to look like a pro while you are new, and help you decipher which details deserve your attention at this phase, and which don't.

Accounting: Why Dance, Yoga, and Fitness Studios Should Care

We simplify why studio accounting and bookkeeping is crucial, and doesn't have to be intimidating. With the proper software and a little commitment, studio accounting can be your best friend.

Three Steps to Choosing Dance Competition Team Names

For your competition dance team, you'll want to choose unique dance crew names not taken already. These three steps guide you through a fearless and inspired process to nail it in your final choice.